Switching Provider

Health insurance policies are 12 month contracts. You are entitled to switch provider at renewal every year if you wish. Each of the four providers, must provide a '14 day cooling off period' where you are entitled to cancel, change your plan, change provider and get a full refund. 

Irish Life Health allow you to switch your plan mid-term to another Irish Lfe Health plan. However you cannot switch from Irish Life Health to another insurer mid-term without penalty.

The mid-term cancellation charge will consist of the health insurance levy calculated on a pro-rata basis for each individual on the plan for the remainder of the policy term, together with an administration fee of €25 per policy.

Laya Healthcare allow you to switch to another laya plan mid-term, but switches to another insurer are not allowed mid-term. They will seek the full year's premium if you cancel mid-term. 

Vhi Healthcare do not allow a switch mid-term after the 14 day cooling off period has passed. If you stop paying your premium mid-term and have had no claims, they will charge you a penalty for breach of contract. This penalty is calculated on the health insurance levy and is calculated on a pro-rata basis, for the remaining period left on the policy plus a €50 administration fee per policy. Payment of this penalty does not affect your rights to take out a policy with another insurer. If you have had claims since your last renewal date, Vhi will charge the full year’s premium.