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Our goal is to assist you in making an informed decision regarding your health insurance and ensuring your chosen policy continues to provide you with excellent value in both cover and cost.

Our company ethos is based around being conscientious and honorable. You can be assured that one of our professional consultants will personally review your situation and recommend the best option available to you on the complex subject of health insurance. 

Honesty and integrity     

We listen to each of our clients needs, act with integrity and show respect for and value all individuals.


We exercise care, responsibility, sound judgement and equality when carrying out our services.


We bring appropriate skills and capabilities to every client assignment


We are objective in forming our professional opinions and the advice we give.


We respect the confidentiality of information.

Customer Focus and Satisfaction    

We believe listening to our clients requests and understanding their needs. We strive to exceed client expectations in affordability, quality and service.


We strive to simplify the complex market of health insurance.

Importantly, our services are available to singles, couples and families free of cost and without obligation.